5 Nautical Ideas for Planning your Beach Wedding

One of the most dramatic and romantic locations to have a wedding this spring and summer is the beach. You have the beautiful backdrop of the ocean and hopefully white sands. The best part is that a beach wedding can occur in almost just about any locations where a body of water meets the shore. This makes it possible to have a unique wedding depending on the characteristics of the beach. A beach on Hawaii will not be the same as one in the North Carolina Outer Banks. Each place has its own special flavor that can be used to add a unique twist to your wedding ceremony. Here are some great ides to help you plan your beach wedding.

Look to local spots for inspiration. Like mentioned before, the location can determine the character of the wedding. Picking a place that is near you that has significance is a great idea. It can be a beach that was a favorite place to go to when you were younger or somewhere that has important memories concerning you and the groom. Also try to use floral arrangements made of flower that are native to the area. If you are holding a wedding on the beach try to keep abreast of weather conditions. This way you will be prepared and not caught off guard. The result will be spectacular.

Think about what beach favors you are going to give guests. The point of your guest gifts is to act as souvenirs and mementos of your special day. A great idea is to use marine animals and plants as the motifs for your favors. This will allow you to match a wide variety of favors to your beach ceremony theme and even personalize gifts. Also try giving beach related items such as towels, flip flops, or beach bags. These are not only great for your theme but also will be useful for guests when they enjoy the beach after the wedding or they go on their own seaside excursion.

Use marine grasses, shells, and other seaside items at decorations at your wedding and ceremony. For example you can use seashells and dried seaweed as aisle markers. You can also use sea related motifs to come up with unique and beautiful place cards and centerpieces for the guest tables at your reception. Use your own imagination and ingenuity to bring all the beauty of the sea and shore to your nuptials in a manner that will be remembered long after you have exchanged vows with your groom.

Try to make your reception menu match the beach theme of your ceremony. A good idea is to serve sea food dishes. This can be anything from fish and crab to shrimp and scallops. This will give your guests a delicious taste of the sea. While doing this also be aware that some of your guests might have food allergies. So also try to have viable alternatives in case any of your guests can not safely eat your menu items.

Put thought into personal gifts that you give to key people in your wedding such as your bridesmaids. The criteria for choosing these items are much higher. So try to make room in your budget for these important purchases. After all these are some of the people helping you plan your beach wedding.

Beach Wedding Photography Techniques

Capturing beach weddings in mystique photographs requires some simple and planned out skills of the photographer.

If you are looking for the perfect destination to get married on the beach then Cabo San Lucas wedding packages or Playa Del Carmen wedding packages are ideal for you. These wedding packages provide you with some of the best deals for getting experienced wedding planners and photographers. One of the most important aspects of beach weddings is to ensure that the photographer knows the way around with outdoor shootings. While shooting for a beach wedding the photographer has to ensure that he or she is familiar with taking outdoor pictures, especially sunny venues like beaches. This happens because the entire lighting aspect needs to be manipulated as required by the photographer. Those who are still learning these techniques should remember that setting up the camera way ahead of time and practicing a few shots would help you capture some truly treasured moments.

There are certain shots where the sun should be behind the photographer, and there is some where it needs to be off at an angle. You have to take care of factors like squinting, and it’s vital to get some truly romantic photos here like the bride and the groom walking off to the sunset. The romantic silhouette shots can be taken in perfection in these lighting conditions. The other factor here is that you can take black silhouettes of the bride and groom walking right into the sun. There is no doubt that the weddings at beaches can be a little tricky, and lighting can be havoc. The resorts like Pueblo Bonita Sunset provide you with a great opportunity to capture some exquisite pictures with exquisite backgrounds.

Choosing a beach as the best destination wedding spot is not enough and there is a need to take photos at different times of the day. The photographer should vary the photos on the basis of changing positions of the sun, and also plan out these in advance. There are a lot of pictures that may seem inconsequential initially but they might look amazing in tandem with the other photographs. Remember that you should try and you need to capture both exquisiteness of the wedding along with surf and sand. Some great poses that can be captured here are the sun over the water, keep the shadows off their faces of the bride and the groom while other images are shadowed and get a cute picture of the bride and groom inside a sand heart. Usually these beach weddings have great receptions and it is suggested that you capture the different elements of the wedding theme.

Of course, there is no end to experimentation, and you should never restrict yourself from the same. However, to experiment more you can practice these shots in advance so that time is not wasted on the actual wedding day. At times taking random shots also helps because some rare moments are captured by accident too.

Top 5 Beach Wedding Destinations in the USA

Having a beach wedding is indeed a dream come true for most brides. It presents a sweet and intimate venue where the engaged couple, soon to be wed, can enjoy a quite solemn wedding ceremony together with a few close friends and their own respective families. Fortunately, there are a lot of great beaches in the USA where you can have your dream beach wedding finally come true. Here are some destinations which you may want to consider for the said purpose:

1. Waikiki, Hawaii
2. Miami, Florida
3. St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
4. St. John, Islands
5. Cumberland Island, Georgia

Indeed having a beach wedding is a perfect way for you to make a very memorable wedding day. But to make it possible, you might need to round up a few important things first. Here are some tips you can use while you are arranging or seeing if a beach wedding destination is a good idea for your wedding celebration.

When would your wedding date be? – Of course this is the most important part of deciding for a beach celebration. If your chosen date for your wedding date falls on a rainy season, it might be risky to have a beach wedding. You might end up not being able to actually hold the wedding ceremonies by the beach and that would not be fun. This is also a crucial thing to take note of when looking for your beach wedding venue. Holding the ceremonies right at the summer season would also pressure you to book your reservation around two to three months before the actual date. This way, you can be sure that you would be able to get the best venue at the dream beach wedding destination of your choice.

How many guests do you plant to invite? – A beach wedding is often an intimate event, so you might want to trim down your guest list to a few special people who you would not want to be missed during that special day. You might also want to plan a seating arrangement for them, considering any special things that might not attention from among your guests. Bringing in kids along with these guests is also something that you would have to consider.

Where do you plan to have the reception? – This can be an added expense for your part, since some beach wedding venues might only offer their location for the wedding ceremonies and an additional payment is needed to accommodate the reception. Consider this well, and try to find out if you can hire a separate catering services for the food or you would have to rely on the resorts’ kitchen for this purpose.

Overnight accommodations – You might of course want to spend more time together, enjoying the beach finally as a couple. See discount rates or package deals which you can avail should you rent the place already for your wedding ceremonies. You might end up getting great deals out of it.

Special Considerations for Beach Weddings

The sand, blue water, sunshine, and the romantic air flowing, makes beach weddings a great location for weddings. And because beach weddings are automatically an outdoor wedding, there will be some concerns in making it a more romantic wedding. Here are just some of those special considerations that you will need to incorporate with your wedding planning.

1. Consider the weather. The weather is most of the time a common concern in any form of outdoor weddings. Most especially if this outdoor wedding will be held on a beach. As beaches are most of the time windy and they are totally open, most consider this as a major concern.

Winds can be most of the time unpredictable therefore anything that could tangle up or blow away by the wind should be secured and prevented. Another consideration about the weather is the sun. You, your bridal party and the rests of your guests should be comfortable for the big day. Ask your guests to wear comfortable clothes and to bring their shades with them.

You and your bridal party should also be in comfort with wearing the right dress and Swarovski crystal bridal jewelry [http://www.silverlandjewelry.com/swarovski_crystals.html]. And because the weather can be unpredictable it is much better if you would rent a tent in the case that it rains.

2. Special concerns on the beach. Since beaches are made of sand, your guests who would be sitting on their chairs as they watch the ceremony may sink into the sand. To avoid this simple mishap, rent a floor for the ceremony. Rental companies for tents also come with different accessories that will help you plan for the wedding.

The tide is another concern that you should look over. It is best if you would know when the tide comes in and how far it would be so you can plan the ceremony or the reception in an area where the water would not be an issue. The wind could also cause a problem since the noisy nature of the beach can distract the guests’ attention. It is most appropriate if you can have a sound system so that you can easily broadcast the activities to the guests.

How To Save On Your Wedding By Renting Certain Parts Out

Did you know that you can now rent a wedding gown to wear for your wedding? Yes, it’s absolutely true, and is a very popular thing these days. This is an idea that is very accepted everywhere, and is a great way to save on wedding costs all while making your wedding beautiful in the process. And there’s nothing wrong with renting. You can still have your fabulous wedding without spending all that you have in your savings account.

But not only are wedding gowns the only wedding-related things that can be rented out. Jewelry can be rented out also! You can rent authentic and genuine jewelry a fraction of their actual cost for your wedding day. If you’re someone who loves jewelry and wants elegant and beautiful jewelry to wear at your wedding, then you should consider this option. You can go online or to local bridal shops for leasing options in order to add style to yourself without the expense.

But wedding gowns and jewelry are only 2 things that I’ve mentioned that can be rented out. Here are some more items that can be rented out in order to create the fabulous wedding that you’re dreaming of without the cost:

1) Limousines

What’s a wedding without a limousine? A limousine is standard now for almost all weddings, and is a great way to show up in style for your own wedding. This is also a great way to plan out the travel arrangements for all of your participants in the wedding party. You need to figure out if you need more than one limousine based upon the size of your wedding party.

2) Renting out a more exotic facility

You can rent out exotic locations to host your wedding. You could rent out a mansion, a garden, a beach, or even a castle (depending on your location) to host your wedding. You don’t have to limit yourself to the traditional ballroom or church. Why not add some pizzazz to your wedding by including a beautiful wedding location? You could even take it further by renting out the exact location where you met your soon to be spouse. This is a great way to remember your wedding day.

3) The wedding arch

Too add a creative touch to your altar area, you can rent out a wedding arch. This gives an “instant feel” of a traditional wedding no matter where the wedding is held – even if it’s outside. You can have it decorated with flowers, balloons and other decorations that match the color and theme of your wedding. Wedding arches come in all type of sizes, so you have room to choose.

4) Custom Tents

You don’t have to have the average “box tent” for your wedding. You can have a dome-style tent to hold your reception party and hold all of your guests. Dome tents are beautiful and have a ton of extra accessories such as lighting, music, and even projection screens. This can be the perfect replacement if you’re looking for a wedding that is truly “out of the box”.

Use the ideas in this article to save big on your wedding and to have the beautiful wedding you’ve always dreamed about. It’s not too late to start renting, so include this idea in your plans to start saving money on your wedding today.

Arranging Hawaii Beach Wedding Ceremonies

For some, Hawaiian wedding parties would be the ideal way to tie the knot. Also, the Pacific Ocean stands out as a perfect location for getting married. The reasons are obvious – the fabulous climatic conditions, the great beaches, the sensational venue and the unequaled Hawaiian Aloha Spirit. Then there is the fantastic cuisine, the fun-based activities and that you are in Hawaii. Most of all, however, you have the romance. Nonetheless, the simplest way to coordinate a wedding in Hawaii is to use the assistance of an expert marriage planner.

Nearly every destination wedding ceremony takes a lot of organizing and Hawaii weddings are not any different. Just arranging to get everybody there on time is challenging enough, however you will have the catering, the dress, the bridesmaids’ clothing and even the priest to organize. And don’t forget the reception site and the photographer and … overlook even one of these, and you’ll be looking a tad embarrassed. Fortunately the web will help you.

In addition there are the flower arrangements, the favors and also the guest book! Planning the transportation for your relatives and close friends between the church or location for your service as well as the wedding reception venue isn’t as simple as most believe it to be when you’re getting married on an island. There’s a lot more to do, and in the end all of that could become just a little too much.

You won’t have any chance to take it easy or do anything but ensure the wedding dresses and the ones for your bridal party will be delivered in time to the correct locale. Assuming you have page boys or flower girls then their outfits also have to be decided upon as well as their delivery made certain. You will be able to eliminate much of that by purchasing an ‘off the peg’ gown, though why do that if you prefer your attire tailored as you would like it?

Should you wish to send your wedding apparel to Hawaii, together with other outfits required, including the bridesmaids’ clothing – make certain they will be dispatched prior to your big day. A week before would be the minimum amount of time, nonetheless it may be easily longer than that. These represent the requisites with which you won’t want to take risks. Make sure the packages or items are labeled as fragile, and after they are delivered open them immediately for examination and remove wrinkles.

Any time with arranging a Hawaii wedding, it is best to talk to the staff in the resort where you’re holding your reception. Should you be lodging there overnight you should talk to them and get to know them. They will be more responsive to assisting you when you’ve got a problem – like who might be the preferred local wedding planner or with some other matter you may have with the wedding event.

Remember your wedding photographer. Your photographer is extremely important and will be creating the permanent record of your ceremony. The beginning of your married life is very important and so it should be recorded properly. Be sure that you are not going to be required to use friends or family members by selecting the wedding photographer well ahead of time.

Simple Tips on Planning Your Beach Wedding

There is nothing more romantic than getting married in a sandy beach with the sound of the waves in your background, the smell of the air and the gentle breeze blowing through your hair as you exchange your first kiss as husband and wife. And since the elements are already there, all you will need to do is to just be present on your big day. But of course, you will still need to plan your great beach wedding to make it even more romantic.

Before you choose the perfect place, better check the weather climate for that particular date. Although it would be difficult to predict the type of weather you will be having, but at least the weather bureau has some early predictions about the climate and temperature that are mostly reliable. We are not actually forecasters, but at least settle with a date that is just a typical ordinary summer day to make it safe.

Check the beach if it is a public or a private beach since this will cause to extra problems when the place is overcrowded. Ask a county or the city clerk if you will need any permits for the premise because you may expect some limitations on each of them. Apply for such permits several months before the wedding just to be certain that everything is in order.

You will also have to plan the materials that you are going to use for the event like sitting chairs, special flooring to hold the chairs, tents, and so on. Although some beach weddings do not use special flooring for the chairs, but this can cause discomfort for the guests especially when the chairs start to sink in the sand. You can also rent some canopies just to avoid outdoor mishaps such as some wind hazards that could interfere with the wedding. Also prepare umbrellas for the guests and plenty of bottled water to show that you care for your guests.

And since you are going to have an outdoor wedding, make sure that you have a backup plan. Your main concern when having a beach wedding is if the weather would cooperate with you or if it would play tricks on you. Rain and winds can cause mayhem and may even ruin the entire wedding. It would be better if you can find a nearby building that can be rented, church or a hotel especially when the weather goes wrong. If you can carefully plan this, you will be glowing with happiness as you wear your beautiful bridal jewelry on your beach wedding.

The Magic of Having a Beach Wedding

There are so many different types of weddings that one can enjoy and one type of wedding that is going to be popular this summer is a beach wedding. Most think that having a beach wedding can be difficult, but in truth there are so many great ways to make it easier and even let your guests see the magic of having a beach wedding.

Here are just some easy ways to creating a beach wedding and show your guests how creative you can get:

1. Take advantage of the final hour of daylight when starting your ceremony. The hour when the sun is setting, this mostly produces the most beautiful golden light of the day. Plan how you are going to use the sun to your advantage and talk with your photographer so that he can also utilize the sunset to his advantage.

2. Although you may have your ceremony and reception outdoors, it is still essential to have a back up plan in case something happen. A tent or a canopy can be rented since it is difficult to predict about the weather especially that you are going to have an outdoor wedding.

3. Do not forget when hosting your own wedding provide an audio system so that your guests can hear your ceremony. Of course you also want your guests to take the ocean as part of the wedding, but still, you would want your guests to hear what is going on, especially when the two of you are exchanging vows. Problems may happen especially for an outdoor ceremony at the beach when the surroundings become your enemy. The wind and the ocean breeze may hinder your guests to hear what is going on with the ceremony if you will not provide the right audio during the ceremony.

4. Make sure that you check with proper authorities about the legalities of marrying on a certain beach. If you are not going to get married in a resort where the on-site coordinator will do all the necessary arrangements for you, but you will still need to stay on island for an approximate of three days before the ceremony. You can relax a bit while you are on the island and probably take care of your custom bridal jewelry sets.Some island may just let you stay as little as one business day while some do not allow weddings during their own Public Holidays. Better know right on certain restrictions they have with the place where you are going to marry so you can fully enjoy your wedding.

Italian Beach Wedding: Let the Experts Manage It

There are many couples who dream of fanciful fantasy of getting married on a white-sand beach, flowing gowns, salty sea breeze tousling their light and the sand warming their toes when walked without foot wears. Many of them do not even try to fulfill their dream because of their tight budget and they think that they cannot even afford such kind of wedding. A beach wedding is not a dream that can never be fulfilled because it is out of your budget. It can be made possible within your budget through proper planning and arrangement. This is performed by the specialists known as wedding planners.

When you have such aspirations, just don’t get panic. Simply get your notebook, a pen and keep a checklist of several things that you have to look out before going to Italian beach wedding. Look for:

1. Destinations: You have to first search for the several venues that are on beach and line the coast. Such a location is the perfect option for the superb beach wedding. Just keep in mind that there should be ample parking space for your guest. If the season of your wedding is near to rainy season, then you should prefer some venue that can shelter your party against biting winds. If you just wish to organize an intimate wedding with your family and friends, then small venue will be the good option.

2. Invitations: Beach weddings are not usually like ordinary weddings. Guest cannot simply throw on what they had worn in the last wedding they attendant and move towards the church. Beach wedding requires special preparations from both the bride and groom and also from their guests. People mostly think that a stiff black jacket and a sparkling cocktail dress will be suitable for the event, but the fact is completely different. Being a host of the party, you have to make sure that your guest should easily find the venue, unless you don’t wish to see them in your wedding. it will be good, if you send the invitations on time.

3. Weather Situations: It cannot be accentuated enough that you scrutinize the weather situations around your programmed wedding day. I think you won’t with to soak your guests in seawater or rain because you ignored to contact the weatherman. In addition to this, avoid lunchtime beach weddings, as the noontime; sun might result in harm, from irate wedding guests to sunburn.

4. Attire: If you are planning to wear 4 inches stilettos and the literal 9 yards, then these are completely undesirable at beach wedding. Something glamorous and extremely formal is just the right for wedding with a more laid-back and informal atmosphere.

Lots of responsibilities and arrangements are required it can be performed and for this, there is a need of proper assistance of some experts so that your Italian beach wedding can be organized in a proper manner. These wedding planners will do all pre-preparations and let you enjoy your biggest day of life.

Creative Ideas You Can Consider for Your Hawaii Beach Wedding

The combination of fresh air, tranquil water and natural beauty makes Hawaii one of the best beach holiday destinations. So you can always plan a Hawaii beach holiday to make the most special day in your life unforgettable. As the beaches will provide the perfect scenic location for the wedding ceremonies, you can plan the wedding without putting any extra time and effort. However, you must concentrate on some simple details to make the wedding comfortable and pleasant for your guests and wedding party.
Some of the Most Creative Hawaii Beach Wedding Ideas

Opt for Decors that Perfectly Complement the Beach: When you decide to marry in Hawaii, the beaches will provide a naturally scenic location for your wedding ceremonies. You must maintain the lush natural setting intact to make the occasion more impressive. While choosing décor, you must opt for blues, browns, browns, grays and similar colors that are found around the beaches. You can further optimize the overall color scheme by adding pink, orange or any other brighter hues.

Choose Beach Wedding Gowns: As a Hawaii beach wedding involves sand and water, it is important for you to pick the right wedding gown. Instead of gowns made of hot and heavy fabrics, you must opt for gowns made of lighter and free moving fabrics like light silk or satin. Likewise, you have to keep your wedding party comfortable by providing light and comfortable gowns. However, it is also important to pick the gowns by keeping in mind the casual or formal theme of your wedding.

Wear Shoes that Allow You to Walk on the Beach: Like gowns, you also need to choose shoes that allow you to walk on the beach comfortable. Normally, sand will enter easily into the closed-toed shoes. Similarly, the heels will sink in the sand. So you can always opt for sandals with flat bottoms or open shoes. The footwear will make you feel comfortable during wedding ceremonies and reception.

Mention the Beach Location Clearly: Your wedding guests must know the location and theme of your wedding. Based on your choice, the Hawaii beach wedding can be either casual or formal. So your guests must know the theme of the wedding to wear the right outfit. While composing the wedding invitation, you must mention the theme and location of your wedding clearly.

Keep Your Guests Involved: The wedding in Hawaii will clearly convey your cheerful, casual and easy spirit. However, you can make the occasion more special by involving your guests in wedding ceremony. The guests can be involved in a number of minor ways like thanking them individually or ask the minister to speak to the guests as a whole.

Take Loads of Pictures: A Hawaii beach wedding will remain incomplete without taking as many pictures as possible. The lush natural setting provided by the beach will further make your wedding photographs spectacular. You can even consider hiring highly trained photographers to capture the special and precious moments.

You can even consider hiring a seasoned wedding planner to make the Hawaii beach wedding [http://www.sweethawaiiwedding.com/] memorable. The wedding planner will spend quality time with you to understand your preferences and needs. Based on the discussion, the professionals will pay attention to the minute details to make the event special for both your wedding party and guests.