Beach Wedding Reception – Reception Style Ideas for a Beach Wedding

Beach weddings have become very popular over the last few years & designing your beach wedding reception can be a lot of fun. The seaside & the beach all offer much by way of inspiration for your reception, think about seashells, sea life, nautical elements; whilst the laid back & casual atmosphere a beach wedding creates is probably the main reason why they have become so popular.

Here I take a look at three different themes you could consider for your reception on the beach:

Classic Beach Style

I have to say that of the three schemes discussed in this article, this one is possibly the most adaptable. The shells, starfish & marine life make for ideal motifs which can be carried throughout every element of your reception, i.e. cake topper, menus, place card holders, wedding favors & the neutral tones inspired by the beach itself are perfect for combining with more vibrant colors or even pastel shades.

Nautical Style

This is big in fashion at the moment & the classic combination of navy blue & white makes for an elegant wedding scheme. For this scheme to work you will need to combine classic nautical elements such as sail boats, life buoy’s & lighthouses & use them throughout your reception.

There isn’t a lot of scope to add additional colors here, red or yellow could work well in small doses, whilst green foliage in your flowers will help to soften the scheme.

Tropical Style

This one is for those who love bright colors & want a wedding reception with vibrancy! You don’t need to be on tropical shores either to adopt this scheme, although it would probably work best at a location with guaranteed blue skies & all day sunshine!

The main color here is hot fuchsia pink, a key color for weddings this summer. Add to this vibrant shades of aqua blue, yellow & lime green, with a backdrop of pure white to stop it being too overpowering! This is a scheme where you could let the flowers do the talking with blooms such as orchids, hibiscus, Lilly & bird of paradise. You could also add in motifs such as flamingos, pineapples, crabs & palm trees.

The Magic of Having a Beach Wedding

There are so many different types of weddings that one can enjoy and one type of wedding that is going to be popular this summer is a beach wedding. Most think that having a beach wedding can be difficult, but in truth there are so many great ways to make it easier and even let your guests see the magic of having a beach wedding.

Here are just some easy ways to creating a beach wedding and show your guests how creative you can get:

1. Take advantage of the final hour of daylight when starting your ceremony. The hour when the sun is setting, this mostly produces the most beautiful golden light of the day. Plan how you are going to use the sun to your advantage and talk with your photographer so that he can also utilize the sunset to his advantage.

2. Although you may have your ceremony and reception outdoors, it is still essential to have a back up plan in case something happen. A tent or a canopy can be rented since it is difficult to predict about the weather especially that you are going to have an outdoor wedding.

3. Do not forget when hosting your own wedding provide an audio system so that your guests can hear your ceremony. Of course you also want your guests to take the ocean as part of the wedding, but still, you would want your guests to hear what is going on, especially when the two of you are exchanging vows. Problems may happen especially for an outdoor ceremony at the beach when the surroundings become your enemy. The wind and the ocean breeze may hinder your guests to hear what is going on with the ceremony if you will not provide the right audio during the ceremony.

4. Make sure that you check with proper authorities about the legalities of marrying on a certain beach. If you are not going to get married in a resort where the on-site coordinator will do all the necessary arrangements for you, but you will still need to stay on island for an approximate of three days before the ceremony. You can relax a bit while you are on the island and probably take care of your custom bridal jewelry sets.Some island may just let you stay as little as one business day while some do not allow weddings during their own Public Holidays. Better know right on certain restrictions they have with the place where you are going to marry so you can fully enjoy your wedding.

Arranging Hawaii Beach Wedding Ceremonies

For some, Hawaiian wedding parties would be the ideal way to tie the knot. Also, the Pacific Ocean stands out as a perfect location for getting married. The reasons are obvious – the fabulous climatic conditions, the great beaches, the sensational venue and the unequaled Hawaiian Aloha Spirit. Then there is the fantastic cuisine, the fun-based activities and that you are in Hawaii. Most of all, however, you have the romance. Nonetheless, the simplest way to coordinate a wedding in Hawaii is to use the assistance of an expert marriage planner.

Nearly every destination wedding ceremony takes a lot of organizing and Hawaii weddings are not any different. Just arranging to get everybody there on time is challenging enough, however you will have the catering, the dress, the bridesmaids’ clothing and even the priest to organize. And don’t forget the reception site and the photographer and … overlook even one of these, and you’ll be looking a tad embarrassed. Fortunately the web will help you.

In addition there are the flower arrangements, the favors and also the guest book! Planning the transportation for your relatives and close friends between the church or location for your service as well as the wedding reception venue isn’t as simple as most believe it to be when you’re getting married on an island. There’s a lot more to do, and in the end all of that could become just a little too much.

You won’t have any chance to take it easy or do anything but ensure the wedding dresses and the ones for your bridal party will be delivered in time to the correct locale. Assuming you have page boys or flower girls then their outfits also have to be decided upon as well as their delivery made certain. You will be able to eliminate much of that by purchasing an ‘off the peg’ gown, though why do that if you prefer your attire tailored as you would like it?

Should you wish to send your wedding apparel to Hawaii, together with other outfits required, including the bridesmaids’ clothing – make certain they will be dispatched prior to your big day. A week before would be the minimum amount of time, nonetheless it may be easily longer than that. These represent the requisites with which you won’t want to take risks. Make sure the packages or items are labeled as fragile, and after they are delivered open them immediately for examination and remove wrinkles.

Any time with arranging a Hawaii wedding, it is best to talk to the staff in the resort where you’re holding your reception. Should you be lodging there overnight you should talk to them and get to know them. They will be more responsive to assisting you when you’ve got a problem – like who might be the preferred local wedding planner or with some other matter you may have with the wedding event.

Remember your wedding photographer. Your photographer is extremely important and will be creating the permanent record of your ceremony. The beginning of your married life is very important and so it should be recorded properly. Be sure that you are not going to be required to use friends or family members by selecting the wedding photographer well ahead of time.

San Diego wedding reception sites — The One!

In any women’s life, wedding is the most awaited moment of their life. This is the time where they will be exchanging their sweet “I do” and undying vow to the man they choose to be with for the rest of their entire life, and to the person they quoted as “the one”. It should be the perfect day for them because no other feelings can best describe to what they feel at that very moment but happiness and so much love. Preparing for it must not undergo troubles and hassles though it is stressing out you sometimes. Still, it should be the most enjoyable planning and preparation they could ever have.

Planning is where the entire happenings and preparation for a wedding should take place. That includes the wedding gown and wedding suit for the couple, the set of entourage, the invitation, foods, drinks, cakes, the wedding singer and disc jockey, the caterer, etc. and ofcourse, the choice of wedding location and reception venue for this big celebration of yours. All these should keenly plan for the wedding to be successful.

Among all the preparations, the most critical to decide is the location and reception of your special day. You have many options concerning the ambiance of the site, the most comfortable place for you and your guests or that special place perfect for a romantic “I do” you’ll be exchanging. To make it more practical, you have to choose a location where there’s a wedding reception venue available as well for the celebration of your wedding. After the ceremony, then there will be no hassle taking your guests in your celebration because it’s in the same place where you also said your “I do”.

For instance you choose to be wed in San Diego, choosing your San Diego wedding reception sites here is not a problem. You have so many options when it comes to that. There are lot of San Diego wedding reception sites that will surely meet your expectations. They will set the whole place depending on the style and theme you have for your wedding. And since San Diego is a coastal city for that matter, most couples are choosing the perfect San Diego wedding location sites near the beach area. It is where the most romantic gathering of your wedding day celebration.

It’s just a matter of choosing the one. The one which can guarantee you of a dream come true wedding. The one which can give you comfort, and satisfaction of service. It’s not just about having the fun side of the celebration, another important factor here is choosing the one which deserve your trust. San Diego wedding reception sites is the one perfect for the celebration of your love as newly husband and wife.

How to Plan a Beach Weddings in an Affordable Way

How to plan a beach weddings in an affordable way?

Beach weddings have recently come in town for marriage receptions and anniversary ideas. I guess one day would come when the beach weddings would be expensive! For now, it can be handled in an inexpensive way.

Firstly, for an affordable beach wedding [] — it is a must to decide on the location of the beach.

USA is filled with huge amounts of beaches and hence, finding one near your city is always easy! So, select a great beach for celebrating your marriage event in a unique way!

After selecting the beach locale, it is important to decide the numbers of guests that are coming at your wedding party. It is a must to lower down the numbers of guests in order to reduce the transportation costs of your guests. For less or minimum transportation costs, it is better to decide a city or near beach location.

Reducing the guests can help you save hundreds of dollars by avoiding additional transportation expenses.

Beach weddings can be carried out lightly with some light decorations and music. Therefore, you can plan simple decorations with decency along with soft music without appointing any music DJ.

Beach weddings are best for saving air condition costs and rents. They are best as beach waves and air are always there to give a cool breeze to all your guests around.

Beach weddings save lots of other arrangement costs that are usually spent in ballrooms and clubs. Well, people coming at your party will surely remember it for a long time for experiencing a natural scenery wedding.

Taking the above tips into consideration, you can even save some dollars by organizing your wedding party in the sunset time.

Sunset time is quite light and hence it can save you huge cookery costs as evening meals can be adjusted with touch of Chinese and starters.

These ideas are really great for planning an affordable wedding. Apart from all, you can find numerous online sites revealing about the secrets of affordable wedding. Reading them will surely aid you in deciding your wedding procedure.

Extra tips and information:

There are number of people who search long hours in order to find the best wedding location and hence, reading this article will save a lot of your time and decision efforts.

Choosing Music For A Beach Wedding Reception

If you are planning to organize your wedding at the beach, you have to choose music to be played on your wedding reception day. It is the joint effort of bride, groom and the DJ to make the event successful. When you go to hire a DJ for your wedding reception you have to tell your details about the place, timings, your taste for the music, number of guests present in the party and many more things. It is a joint venture of both bride and the groom to tell about their tastes separately and to combine them together to make it perfect.

When you tell your DJ that your wedding reception will take place at the beach, he should be able to present the library of songs that are suitable for beach wedding reception. He should have different songs for the entrance of the bride and the groom, first dance, dance of father and the bride, dance of mother and the groom and others. You may provide your requests to the DJ.

Beach wedding reception is certainly a perfect choice to make your day memorable. Once you have decided that your wedding reception will take place at the beach, you have to make suitable arrangement for everything. Certainly you have chosen your wedding to take place on the beach to get a relaxed feeling. So, the music should be soothing to you as well as to your guests.

For your beach wedding reception your DJ should be a professional beach music artist. He should have some years of experience to perform at the beach for different wedding reception ceremonies. Music on the beach should be touching to the heart, romantic and loving. It should be a slow music as you go on the beach to get some peace. So, peaceful music makes the environment more romantic during the cocktails and meal.

Another consideration is sound levels and electricity. You don’t want to plan a beach wedding, then not have the electricity you need available for the DJ. In addition, you don’t want the sound to be over bearing or cause a noise complaint.

Dos And Don’t Of Florida Beach Weddings And Receptions

After you get all your wedding details planned then it’s time to begin planning the reception. You can either have the reception on the beach or you could move it into the hotel. Most hotels have large banquet rooms that are available for receptions.

If you are planning to have your reception next to the water then you will want to make the reception area separate from the wedding area. A tent is a good way to keep the two separate and keep sand and birds out of your food. No one wants to eat food that a bird has been pecking at, or a sandwich with actual sand in it.

If you think that the tent wont do the job of keeping out the birds and sand then you may want to just use the hotel banquet hall. It is a good idea to choose a hotel that is pretty close so that the guest can walk from the ceremony to the reception. It would be awful if half the guest got lost on the way to your reception.

Florida beach weddings and receptions are always a great choice but try sticking to the theme while decorating and choosing your food. Use seashells as center pieces and serve fish or lobster at the reception. Also serve drinks that you would normally have at the beach such as a pina coladas or Mai Tia. However, if you do not want to do a beach theme wedding then by all means have the theme that you want.

Wedding Theme Ideas For a Beach Wedding

Planning a wedding can be a very trying task and often people cannot decide what they are going to do for their wedding. More and more people are choosing to go with a theme for their wedding. The wedding theme ideas that are available today for wedding planners are endless. The possibilities are endless when you are planning a theme wedding. Most theme weddings center around something that both the bride and groom like or have an interest in. They could also be centered around the time of the year in which the wedding takes place.

There has been an increase in the number of people who jump on a plane and fly down south to a warm location to get married. When you are having a beach wedding then you are basically having a beach wedding theme. There are a number of things that you can do for a beach wedding. Beach weddings make people think of romance and of magical days and nights looking at the sunrise and the sunset. If you are going with a beach theme for your wedding you can choose to do many different things. You can choose to do a nautical theme or you may want to do a sand and surf theme for your wedding. Whatever appeals to you should guide your decisions.

However if you choose to go with a theme such as a beach theme there are certain things that you should keep in mind. If you are keeping your wedding very simple and just having you, your future spouse and the minister then things are going to be very easy. However, if you are planning to have a large number of people at your beach themed wedding then you keep planning very carefully. Even if the wedding is small you need permission to use the beach for the wedding. You cannot pick a beach and say you are getting married there. When planning for your beach wedding there are questions that you should ask yourself before making any definite plans.

* Is the beach public or private? If the beach is private then you need to contact the owner to get permission to use it for your wedding ceremony.

* Even if the beach is public can it be used for weddings? Some public beaches have regulations and rules for its use.

* Are special permits required for use of the beach for a wedding?

* Are you permitted to erect any structures on the beach such as gazebos? Also you need to find out if you are permitted to use chairs on the beach.

* Are you allowed to have a bonfire on that beach? Some people like to have the wedding and reception on the same beach but there are some public beaches that do not allow open fires. Also if the beach does permit fires you might need a permit to have the fire. This is something you will want to check with the fire department in the area.

Tips on How to Plan a Stress-free Beach Wedding

Weddings are a significant occasion in one’s life. Couples invest a lot of time and money to make it an extraordinary and memorable event. Usually, brides and grooms get married in formal venues like churches and reception halls but nowadays they are trying out something new like planning it on beaches or resorts.

Getting married on a beach at sunset or sunrise will surely be a spectacular event. Unlike the usual traditional wedding, this will be a more casual way of getting hitched. This sounds like an exciting and fun idea but keep in mind that this type of wedding can also pose a lot of problems. Here are a few tips to ensure your beach wedding will run smoothly as possible.

* The most important factor to consider when planning a beach wedding is the weather. Do not just simply rely on nature to go your way. Be sure to have an alternative or back up plan in the possibility of rain and other weather conditions. Inform the set up to your guests so they will have an idea in case of bad weather.
* In picking a location, do some research first to be able to apply for the necessary permits if you are setting up to have a big celebration.
* After obtaining the consent, also ask for information on specific rules on the beach so you can plan your wedding preparations accordingly. You can also inquire if you can light up candles on the beach.
* The wedding videography will be a lot less formal than the traditional wedding. To make sure that everything you expect to see in your wedding video will be captured, provide the videographer with a checklist of important shots.
* It is usually a bit breezy on the beach so it is much better to pick a location near a cove to avoid strong winds. It is advisable to use decorations that may not likely be blown away by the wind.
* Remember to check the tide tables on your wedding day so you will not be surprised by high tides.
* Have an area that is out of the sun if you are planning to have your wedding during the day. These will prevent heatstroke especially for the elderly and children.
* Do not stage your wedding in midday if the beach is a public location. You certainly would not want to see unfamiliar faces in your wedding photographs later on. Early morning or near sunset is the ideal time to hold the ceremony.
* Select music that will work well with the sound of the environment. Also consider arranging a good sound system to create sweet musical notes.
* Do not forget to put flooring under the chairs and tables of the guests. It may sink in the sand as they sit down and eat supper. Flooring comes in a variety of materials from parquet to carpeted which can be very affordable.
* Use microphones during the ceremony so you will be heard by all of your guests. Although a beach is often a quiet place, you may possibly contend with the sound of seagulls, children playing and the sound of the surf as you recite your vows.

Like a typical wedding, a lot of work and time is involved in planning a beach wedding like looking for a wedding photography studio or ordering your gown. To make it easier you should consider having a ceremony that includes only a few friends and family and moving the whole entourage in an indoor reception after. There also a lot of creative ideas you can add to the reception location to create a romantic beach atmosphere without actually holding the wedding on the beach. Either way, a beach themed wedding can be dreamy and unforgettable for you and your guests. By planning ahead and preparing for possible problems, you can have a beautiful wedding.